The Energy System Prana & Qi

The energy system – Prana and Qi

Different ancient traditions have talked about an energy system within the body since the earliest of times. Indian Yogis called it Prana, while Chinese Daoist’s’ called it Qi or Chi. Usually translated as ‘vital life force’ or ‘life energy’, this Prana or Qi is the force present in all life that binds together all things in the universe.

As we learned by now the body is made up of many chakras that parallel the Meridian paths flowing through the body. The seven main Chakras are connected by three major Nadis located parallel one another. The degree of Chakra and Meridian activity in a person’s body is dependent on the person’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state of health.

If a Chakra is damaged or blocked, it effects the flow of Qi that is channelized into the body through the Meridians. If the Meridians have blockage or low Qi flow, one cannot be in an optimum healthy state of being. When the Qi flow is not free flowing and healthy, there is a condition of imbalance in one of the four aspects in the state of being healthy. Balance is maintained when the flow of Qi is free and strong. When it is weak or blocked; illness and imbalances occur. This is when we find unhealthiness in mind, body or spirit because of a blockage into one of these two areas.

With Yin Yoga we practice a overall health and balances the energy system within our body. It is not wrong to say that to a certain extent we can heal ourselves with the practice of yin yoga.