Selfreflection – Journaling after class


Journaling is a beneficial way of reflecting your emotions.

The affirmations :

I am grounded , I am endurance, I am strong, I am enthusiastic about life, I move forward in life, I am nourished by mother earth, I give myself permission to rest, I am passive.

These affirmations balance the Kidney meridian and should be expressed with humbleness. If there is a difficulty or resistance in expressing them then it is a good idea to look into the reasons why or you may try writing the reasons in a journal or diary.
Start your sentences e.g. by writing :

I feel fear because……..

I feel weak because…..

I feel unsupported because …….

I am at ease with this person or situation.

I am unable to endure this task, experience etc because…….

When I help and support other people it means….(write down your past experience of when you helped and supported others)

When I move forward in life , it means…..(state your fears)

I feel fear , pressure or stress when dealing with this situation or person because….