same principle, same goals

Yoga and Ayurveda two distinct sciences yet share the same Vedic roots. Both the practice of yoga and Ayurveda go hand in hand as they both stem from the same Vedic system of wellness that has been originated thousands of years. Born from the same Vedic scriptures they have the same underlying principles and belief that leads to holistic wellbeing of the individual. While yoga deals with the harmonizing of mind, body and soul while Ayurveda takes care of the person’s both physical and mental wellbeing through the means of diet and lifestyle changes.

That’s why various yoga retreats all over the world featured many programs that paired yoga and Ayurveda together because they share the same principles of being in attune with individuals bodies and other natural things to promote healing. Both the discipline of yoga and Ayurveda when combine help in curing numerous body disorders and also help in rejuvenating your body. Hence if we integrate the ayurvedic principles with your yoga practice.

the ultimate goal of both yoga and Ayurveda is to help you in becoming your healthier and balanced version of yourself. You are healthy when your mind, body and soul are in unison and you are in perfect harmony with your environment and the practice of yoga and Ayurveda help you to attain that. The certain practice of Ayurveda is abhyanga to get rid of body toxins and relax your muscles before your yoga practice and make them easier to practice. Hence combining both the discipline will enhance your sense of wellbeing to another level.